Set your eyes on the prize

Goal Setting: Setting Your Eyes on The Prize


Goal Setting Your Eyes on The Prize

Goal setting is one of the biggest aspect for reaching the pedestal that you want to be on. Without clear and focused goals and without any strategy to get to them, all your sacrifices will just be in vain. I have met a lot of individuals who have succeeded and also those who have failed and most often than not what sets them apart is the drive and focus they have on achieving what they dream of.

Here are the top 5 tips I have gathered that will help you set and achieve your goals:

Studies have been conducted and already several results showed that writing down your goals will help you keep track of them. This also makes you more likely to accomplish those goals compared to those who didn’t. When you write your goals down it becomes clearer which will then make it easier for you to map the various paths you can take going there. You can also see your progress which will motivate you to keep on going.

There’s no limit to how many goals you want to have but you have to be specific on what you want to achieve. Instead of saying you want to be financially free, say instead you want to pay off all your debt. Being vague with what you want to happen in your life will only make things more confusing and you tend to give yourself so much room to be side swept.

People tend to make goals but take their sweet time to achieve it which defeats the purpose of creating it in the first place. We make goals because we want to reach a specific milestone and if you don’t set a deadline you will never have the drive to get there at all. One more thing to remember is that when you do set a target date make it realistic. Making a million bucks in a month is not the way to do it right.

Every single day is an opportunity for us to correct the mistakes of yesterday and to plan for a better tomorrow. This is not being naive. This is how you tackle your life and dreams. No goal appears far to someone who is always willing to take one step forward and take two steps every one step back.

As much as you want to get where you want to be in the shortest time possible, know your limitations. You can’t work on a business plan 24/7 running on coffee and energy bars. You need to sleep and your mind needs to rest. Take a break and take care of yourself. There’s no use of reaching the pedestal when you no longer have the strength to stand on it.

Success is never absent in our list of yearly goals. Each one of us aim for something that we want to achieve whether it is in our personal lives or in our careers. No matter what your goal is, you may reach it with a lot of hard work but sometimes it is not enough. You need direction and focus and most entrepreneurs fail to realize this. So before you start going around in circles, grab that pen and paper and start writing down your goals.

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