How to Boost Engagement On Your Blog

How to Boost Engagement On Your Blog Site (Update 2018) | cleverearner

Last time we talked about how important it is to be consistent in blogging Engagement content.  Not only will it help us build online presence but it also gives us more opportunities to meet potential clients.  Making blog creation a part of your schedule is just half of the story though.  You must of course create Engagement content because if it won’t trigger your visitors interest, no matter how many blogs you put up each day, it would not give you the results you need.

So how can you write an engaging content if your niche is not really a very interesting topic compared to the latest Hollywood scandal?  Well of course I am here to help you out today.  Not to raise your hopes too high, I won’t turn you into the most wanted blogger the online community has seen…that my friends is up to your research abilities, writing skills and your play with words.  I will however, give you useful tips that will help you start generating content that will become one of the reasons your visitors will keep coming back to your site.

With so many blogs needed to be written, here are some helpful tips to start getting those readers really read:

Think about your readers.

What interests them? What are they passionate about? Why should they read your blog? Put yourself in their shoes and think about what information they will find useful.  If you are targeting small business owners then write about their challenges and how they can resolve it.  If you want to attract moms out there, then write about parenting tips.  People will read funs stuff to entertain themselves but people really read when you are talking about what they need.

Read and learn as much as you can.

Every single day is a learning day.  Widen your knowledge and expertise by reading similar blog topics.  Know what others think about and formulate your own opinions and talk about them to your readers.  Don’t just read good stuff but also read the bad ones then ask yourself why it’s good or it’s bad.  Never think that you know everything because then you will shut out new opportunities to learn and grow.   You will become a bore and someone who keeps droning about the same things over and over again.

Organize, be unique and interact.

Break down large pieces of content into lists to make it readable for your audience and also to make it easier for you. Use visuals and other forms of media to offer variety.  Also don’t get too caught up that you forget to ask your readers about their opinions.  Encourage sharing and interaction.  Finally, it never hurts to be resourceful so try to think out of the box and give your readers a surprise once in a while.

It is never easy being a blogger but nobody says you couldn’t enjoy yourself.  I keep writing my blogs not only because it’s my career but also because I find it enjoyable and I get the chance to share with people around the world.  If you want your blogs to have more life in them, then click the button below and have the chance to become a better blogger in this ever-competitive online world.

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