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Today, using platforms to send email is very essential for any business. Email marketing is a channel that has proven its power and effectiveness. In fact, the main studies indicate that with email campaigns, you can get a higher conversion than other channels such as social networks or SEO positioning.

The dilemma comes when you start designing emailing strategies but many of you don’t know which platform to choose. Which will be better? With what tool will you get better results? Which one will best suit your needs? Will it be easy to use? Will it be available in your language?

If you’ve been in this situation, surely all these questions are roaming around your head. What was your final decision? In reality, you should keep in mind that the best email marketing platform is not the cheapest, but not the most expensive too.  If you’re facing this kind of trouble, don’t worry because here we’ve picked up the best bulk email marketing services that will help you in the long term with your strategies.

On the other hand, if you know everything that email automation software can do for your brand, the time has come when you think about how to adapt those functionalities to your business. And, for this, it’s important to know the basic aspects that you should ask your emailing tool. If you don’t have them, it is best to look for a more complete one.

Maybe you’re starting and you think that everything is not important. But the results of email marketing campaigns do nothing but corroborate its power. Surely as soon as you begin to notice the results, you will be more involved with the emailing platform. So the best thing is that you look for one that is complete and take care of the following aspects:

Is Aweber the Best Email Autoresponder Software for your Email Marketing Strategy?

Mailing marketing and communication are important factors for all businesses. To remain in contact with your clients is an important aspect of the creation and growth of a company.

Sending emails individually to each of your contacts manually can consume a lot of time, so you should necessary get a tool to take care of all this for you. In this case, Aweber is one of those tools and one of the best email autoresponders in the market.

In this Guide, I will tell you about its main features and the advantages of using Aweber to communicate with your customers or leads.

What is Aweber?

It’s a Pennsylvania-based company that provides email marketing, sign-up forms, and autoresponder programs to its clients.

Characteristics of Aweber

The Aweber main offering features are:

  • Electronic distribution of email marketing newsletters
  • Creation and edition of newsletters
  • Emails Autoresponders or email templates
  • Registration forms
  • RSS to email
  • Subscriber management and segmentation
  • Integration of applications from other companies
  • Integration with online tools
  • Email marketing tracking

1. Electronic distribution of email marketing newsletter

Aweber newsletters

The electronic bulletins distributed by email are a great way to sustain your customers up to date with your news to get connected with your subscribers.

These newsletters are easy to make even if you are a beginner. There are more than 700 free templates to select from. What you need to do is—only add the content, and you’re done.

Choose your subscribers the message that is relevant thanks to the segmentation aspect and then make your accompanying email. And here again, you have the option to choose the template among more than 6,000 if the design is not really mandatory or you don’t have time for it.

After sending your newsletter, you can use Aweber’s analytics tool to track your campaign and see how successful you’ve been with it.

2. Creation and edition of the Newsletter

In the past, electronic bulletins were specialists. Nowadays, thanks to companies like Aweber, everyone has the possibility of creating a newsletter with a great aspect that reflects the distinctive character of its message.

You will have complete control of the project and you’ll be able to edit when you need it without going to any graphic design professional. This is really a saving of time and money.

If you’re worried about using the template they offer, or you find yourself limited in relation to the design of your brand and colors, then you shouldn’t do it. They can adapt to the needs of your company without a problem.

For example, you’ll be able to add your logo and modify the color scheme and choose among different designs (1 or 2 columns, etc …) they are also completely responsive so they can be viewed on mobile devices without any problem.

If you want to get a newsletter that is truly unique, then Aweber can be a good option that will make the program and design it for you. Actually, there’re a lot of multiple ideas at your disposal that you will surely find the one that fits your project.

3. Emails Autoresponder

The autoresponders emails were the starting point of Aweber and today they’re more popular with webmasters or marketing staff tools.

When a new subscriber registers for the first time, the autoresponder sends a message that you have previously created to receive and welcome them. And you can also have other messages that will be sent automatically to the established times, for example, information or data about the company within two days, current offers within 5 days, etc.

Once you have sent a series of general emails with the autoresponder, it is time to look at the most targeted communication or with a specific objective.

Aweber provides a whole world while coming to autoresponder services.  More than 700 email templates are there at your disposal, so the only thing you have to do is to select one of them, customize it and get royalty-free pictures from your library of photos and images.

Once you’re focused on targeted marketing, select one whom you want to text emails of your segmented data or stack a bunch of emails that will be sent on the dates according to your chosen calendar. Now all you have to do is to sit again and wait for the Aweber application to do its work and then start using the analysis tools to check the successfully sent message and plan others for the future.

4. Signup Forms

To be part of a successful company, you have to make a list or database of email contacts, from subscribers interested in your business. These contacts are highly interesting as they have shown confidence and interest in your company and can easily become customers and possibly loyal and repeat customers.

In Aweber, there are more than 700 registration forms for you to choose the template that you can like most for your blog, website, or a social media site, in order to attract the attention of traffic interested in your services and products.

These forms can be easily edited to suit your brand and colors can be changed at your desire. They’re also fully responsive and can be easily used on laptops and other mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

In this case, if you’re confused about the chosen form of attracting your audience, you can always talk to the Aweber team. They will review it and give you the results of whether it suits you or not.

5. RSS to Email

If you get a blog with an RSS feed, Aweber will take the last posts of your blog, transform them into emails and finally send them to the subscribers. Aweber not only sends emails for the posts automatically but also converts them into newsletter marketing that is interesting to really read and captures the reader much more than simple content in an email. This feature is basically compatible with any type of blog.

6. Mail Marketing Tracking

Once you have spent time making your newsletter and it has been sent, it is important to know what the result of the shipment was. If you send emails blindly and don’t observe the results, you will be losing important information about your subscribers or decrease the chances of converting them into customers in the future.

Aweber has analysis tools as part of the package and it is possible to access graphs that show who is actually opening the emails and which ones are becoming more popular. It’s also possible to observe your subscribers’ interest in such as seeking more about the company, placing an order, watching videos sent about products and offers, etc.

7. Subscriber management and segmentation

Collecting subscribers is a fundamental part of the online database. These are a mixture of new customers, repeat customers, and users who show some interest in products or services for selling and who have signed up to get more information about you.

With Aweber, you could simply integrate and control your subscriber menu. When you begin to sign up for Aweber services, you can easily convert your existing subscriber list and take benefit of the tools

Aweber offers a segment to your audience.  In this way, you will be able to offer specifically to each one what you’re looking for in your activity.

There’re several types of data that you can use segment to your subscribers with the Aweber tool, such as:

  • Who really opens the mail and who does not?
  • Who clicks on an email link?
  • Pages subscribers go through links in the mail
  • Location of traffic through your IP address

Thanks to the segmentation you could send specific offers, for example, for those people who’re in a specific age circle, live in certain regions or have certain characteristics such as having children, etc.

It is a great way to see more popular visited pages in order to manage the content of your site and eradicate pages that do not give benefits.

Each of the people to whom you send an email is unique, and it is important to treat it as such. Besides, don’t fall into thinking that subscribers are anonymous faces and simple email addresses. They are unique individuals. You can inquire into their desires and needs to offer them products and ideas to improve their quality of life.

8. Integration of applications of other companies

If you are trying to develop and get applications, you could work on them with Aweber and add that to your site. Actually, the company includes an aspect called API Developer and you will not only know how to make apps if you are a primary one but also try and solve problems before launch.

If you want to have more engagement in the deeper of site design, this is a good space to spend some time working on your apps projects.

9. Integration with online tools

Using Aweber, you could integrate the software features with a bunch of popular online applications. Actually, there is a lot that is compatible with Aweber. The more popular are:

  • Facebook
  • Etsy
  • PayPal
  • WordPress

The Aweber Works usually allows you to add a link to your Facebook page so that your followers can start receiving your newsletters by email.

You can also put a registration form on the WordPress blog so that it is displayed all the time in each page’s sidebar, reminding your visitors that they could get more information by finishing the form.

  • Synchronize Paypal with Aweber so that your customers may receive personal invitations for subscribing after a purchase.
  • Or use Etsy to make Newsletters with the Drag & Drop tool, to copy the description of the elements and convert it instantly into content. Then you can use it to send an email to customers to ask if they would be interested in receiving frequent information about new products for sale.
  • Facebook is basically a direct method to enter the field of online software integration. Use 1-click technology and you only need a few steps to set up your Facebook profile or company page and launch it live.

Advantages of Aweber

It is a comprehensive compendium of interconnected tools that means you have all aspects of the covered email except the necessary to add add-ons.

Aweber offers free customer service 7 days a week.

In addition, you will have continuous updates of the tools and features to avoid becoming obsolete in your email marketing strategy as the technology progresses.



In this case, you stay blank and do not know how to start; Aweber has a blog full of tips on how to get the best of the software and how to promote your brand, the latest trends in marketing, and videos with guides and tips.

Should I use Aweber?

If you’re starting in the online business world, Aweber is clearly for you. It is very useful for the primary level in email marketing as there you will find lots of templates drag & drop aspects and ready well-made features that you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to be successful in your project.

If you have a business online and you already work with newsletters and emails, it is worth checking if Aweber offers you more in relation to your current service provider. The most advanced users in technical aspects can also get many benefits from the software, even programming their own templates and forms.

How much does Aweber cost? Prices

It can be one of the best free email marketing software tools online. Aweber offers you an initial free trial period of 30 days so you can see if you‘re interested in its features. Afterward, prices start at $ 19 per month. With this price, you will have access to all its characteristics and you will be able to send uncountable emails to 500 subscribers.

If your number of subscribers increases, the price also increases.

There is also a discount instead of monthly; the payment is made quarterly or annually.

With Aweber, you have a 30-day guarantee. If you’re not convinced by what you see, they will return the money without any problem.

Things to Know for the Best Email Marketing Services

  • Design

The best platforms to send emails must have an interface that allows you to easily apply your designs.

This is one of the key factors because, in this way, you will save time and create large projects and newsletters. Therefore, when you go to choose one of the platforms for newsletters in the market, make sure you have extra help. It looks for that it has templates on which to work and that its editor is comfortable, intuitive, and complete.

  • Email lists

You have to allow yourself to create email lists. And this aspect is a must. How else do you think you’re going to launch an effective email marketing campaign? The lists are what will allow you to give life to the pillar of marketing:

Make sure that the platforms to send emails that you are contemplating allow you to correctly classify and segment your subscribers. Only then you can launch personalized campaigns, create engagement with the user and get true brand advocates.

  • Subscription forms

Ideally, the option you choose allows you to create your own subscription forms. Therefore, among the newsletters platforms make sure that you can create them yourself and they allow you to automatically add subscribers to certain lists.

  • Customer service

If any problem or doubt arises with one of the platforms to send emails that you choose, who will help you? The tool you choose does not have to be easy to use but it must provide you with the necessary information so that you can do it by yourself.

However, situations always arise in which some extra help is needed. Therefore, it is advisable to find one of the platforms for newsletters that have customer service.

  • Autoresponders

The autoresponders are very useful and effective, but only if you have a good segmentation. That’s why lists are so important. Otherwise, your automated emails will not have the necessary power to achieve your goals.

  • Reports

How did you think to know the effectiveness of your campaigns without a report that shows you the results? The platforms to send more complete emails must include the yes or yes this option with the necessary metrics for each strategy.


Aweber is a provider of high-quality and one of the best email marketing services for all types of webmasters. For those who begin to take their first steps in the world of email marketing is a totally advisable tool, since it is very easy to use.


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